Fingal Social Democrats want to knock down the wall dividing the North County from the Northside and give Fingal commuters 2.5 weeks back every year.

Fingal Social Democrats today published a proposal to enable express bus services from Swords, (Malahide, Portmarnock, Rush, Lusk, Skerries and Balbriggan as well as the Airport) to use the Docklands Luas line to reduce average commutes by up to 30 minutes each day.

“We first came up with this plan when we noticed that a right of way has been reserved from the Point stop at the 3Arena onto East Wall Road. And given the ongoing delays in both the Metro North project and the Swords Swiftway Bus Rapid Transit we began to explore whether this corridor could be used to allow buses from the Airport and the rest of the North County to avoid the bottlenecks along North Wall Quay to the City Centre.”

“We looked at the Docklands Luas extension and nearly all of it already caters as a shared road space with normal traffic. The only locations where there are constraints is at the Luas stops. There is an established transportation technology called Kerb Guided Buses where a normal bus is fitted with guidewheels on its front wheels and these steer the bus between two kerbs built to precisely contain the a bus’s dimensions. The measurements between platforms at each Luas stop between the Point and Amiens Street exactly fit the design dimensions of a Kerb Guided Bus system.”

Commuters on express buses from Fingal daily find the bus flying through as far as the Port Tunnel toll where it can then take sometimes 30 minutes to reach the Custom House. With proper prioritisation and the opening of the Luas line this journey can be completed in four minutes allowing for a 15 minute journey time to the Airport and a 20 minute journey time to Swords. That’s why we named this project Swords20


Kerb Guided Buses are deployed in several locations in the UK, Germany and Australia and there are locations where Guided Buses and Light Rail services such as the Luas share infrastructure.