Mayor Street and George’s Dock combined with the reserved Right of Way onto East Wall Road provide a means of circumventing all the delays on North Wall Quay. Instead of a sterilised piece of key infrastructure only reserved for a medium frequency Luas service we want to open this street to Express Bus services from Fingal.

Mayor Street has been sterilised to traffic by the Luas Docklands line which will be only used by one tram every 10 minutes.

If express bus services were allowed to traverse Mayor Street the severe congestion of North Wall Quay could be avoided with each bus saving up to 25 minutes in the morning rush hour. With between 80 and 110 passengers on each bus that means a loss in productivity of 24 hours on each bus every day and assuming a two way journey this figure reaches 48 hours in lost productivity each day on each bus.

Most of Mayor Street is already open to two way traffic with only one small bottleneck being identified where opposing traffic flows will not be able to pass. There are two options to solve this; the use of guided bus kerbs which are easily installed, or simply having traffic in one direction yield.

Opening Mayor Street to Express Bus services will allow a 15 minute journey time to the Airport and a 20 minute journey time to Swords at a tiny cost that will justify it as an interim emergency measure while Metro North is built.
It is far from an ideal long term solution and is probably comparable to having to wear a pair of shoes a size too small for a short time.