Competition: New Metro North, Dublin

The Architects Journal reports that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is recruiting an architect for a new £2 billion tram line in north Dublin. Value of the contract €500,000

The original tender is here

Description of the procurement:

The Scheme Concept Architect will be expected to work within strict budgetary constraints to deliver a project which combines the very best in architectural vision, without losing sight of the overarching need to ensure value for money for public funds.

Working in consultation with TII/NTA, the Concept Architect’s scope of services for this Phase 1 shall include the following:

— Development of an Architectural Vision for NMN, shaping an Architectural Strategy that will provide a distinct character and form for NMN.

— Development of an Architectural Strategy which shall indicate how NMN’s physical infrastructure, including at grade track, tunnels, bridges and other elevated sections will inhabit its surroundings and integrate with the city streetscape and public realm in both city and suburban locations and will be required to advise on the visual impact of New Metro North’s physical infrastructure on the public realm and landscape for the Emerging Preferred Route.

— Development of an Architectural Concept for city centre and suburban stations.

— Provide advice and input into the emerging preferred route concept design, ensuring that the concept design aligns fully with the overall Architectural Strategy for the scheme.

— Working closely with TII Chief Architect and TII consultants and utilising design workshops as required, the Concept Architect will develop conceptual studies and scheme design drawings, with 3D graphics as necessary, to illustrate the application of the Architectural Strategy for specific NMN stations and at-grade and elevated track sections of the proposed alignments. This work will be carried out at agreed stages in the Route Alignment Options Study.

— Participate in Public/Stakeholder consultation meetings as required by the NMN Project Director or TII Chief Architect, illustrating the Architectural Strategy and how it may relate to specific locations.